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Submitted by akerr on Mon, 09/02/2019 - 11:59

One of the UK’s biggest airports has been announced as category sponsors of the upcoming Business Excellence Awards Essex.

Serving 200 destinations across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, London Stansted is the closest airport to the Essex region and have given their backing to the night’s most prestigious award- Company of the Year.

This is the award that everyone wants to win as it is presented to the region’s standout business. A business that has performed outstandingly and stood out beyond all others, the winner of this award will have a proven track record of success over the last year and it will be London Stansted’s responsibility to select who this is.

Aboudy Nasser is the Chief Commercial Officer at the airport and he highlighted why they decided to come on board as a category sponsor.

“The Business Excellence Awards Essex is a great opportunity for London Stansted Airport to engage with the local business community and form new corporate relationships whilst celebrating local business achievements,” he said.

“We always strive to have an open dialogue with the business community in order to understand their needs and improve our services. Meeting with local stakeholders and hearing about their successes will allow us to learn from them and gain feedback from anyone that has used our services.

He added: “The awards provide a platform for us not just to network, engage and listen, but to recognise and reflect on the amazing work being done in our region.” 

The ceremony will bring together companies of all sizes and from a number of sectors making it one of the most inclusive business events in the region.

Aboudy highlighted what skills are required to be a success in the world of business.

“Many of the skills required to succeed in business are also the skills required to succeed in everyday life. Determination, enthusiasm and patience are all key, success doesn’t always happen overnight and it’s critical to retain both your ambition and sense of perspective to keep focussed,” he said.

“It’s also important to not underestimate the value of a good team, often it’s much more difficult to succeed alone and so the ability to surround yourself with the right support network is key.”

Currently finalists are eagerly waiting to find out if they’ll come out on top at the awards which takes place on Thursday 26 September at Five Lakes Resort.

For more information on the awards visit the dedicated website at

Or get in touch with Megan Whittaker at event organisers Champions (UK) plc by calling 08453 31 30 31 or email     

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